• Asymptomatic Bacteriuria During Pregnancy: Treatment And Effects
    Pregnancy Care

    Asymptomatic Bacteriuria During Pregnancy: Treatment And Effects

    During pregnancy, women’s health is seriously tested: in addition to drastic hormonal changes, the body of the expectant mother is undergoing a global restructuring with a shift of internal organs due to the growing uterus, the redistribution of resources, which should now be enough for two. Therefore, it is not surprising that for 9 long months, women are “in the position” of many chronic illnesses, and, in addition, there are deviations in the work of internal organs, for which, it would seem, there are no prerequisites. Asymptomatic Bacteriuria is one of the fairly common companions of pregnancy, which may be asymptomatic or may be accompanied by certain discomfort. Where does…

  • Avocado hummus: a variant of the original recipe

    Avocado hummus: a variant of the original recipe

    Avocado hummus: a variant of the original recipe with chickpeas, cumin and chili pepper, perfect with pasta or couscous. It is also excellent to enrich hard-boiled eggs, taste it with vegetables and as a condiment for falafel. Once ready, the green hummus is kept in the refrigerator for about two days.

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    Homer Simpson and his perfect game.

    Homer Simpson is a complex character. Well, not really, but the show The Simpsons (which is in its thirtieth year and still going) has been on for so long that you feel he should be. One of the classic episodes of the show “Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder” highlights the fraught and slightly dysfunctional relationship that Homer has with his three children Bart, Lisa and Maggie. It also focuses on the fliting and fleeting nature of fame, the crux of this being Homer bowling a score of 300, in other words a perfect game. You can bet he had been using a Bowling Wrist Support during his training, possibly from petesproshop.co.uk/acatalog/wrist-supports.htm…

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    An introduction to customer journey mapping

    Many business owners find the prospect of developing a customer journey map overwhelming, but the process doesn’t need to be complex. Image Credit A Brief Overview of Customer Journey Mapping You might find it helpful to view a customer journey map as a framework for a story. It should represent a typical customer experience, but it certainly doesn’t need to detail every nuance. This Forbes article provides an insightful guide to getting started, but it is fundamentally important to focus on creating an overview rather than striving for accuracy. Many businesses create journey maps solely for their primary audiences, but you can go on to create journey maps for secondary…

  • Is it possible to activate the metabolism?

    Is it possible to activate the metabolism?

    Is it possible to activate the metabolism? There are numerous myths about metabolism, but few people are able to say what it really is and what function it has in our body. Metabolism is a process that the body uses to produce and expend energy from food. Basic functions such as thinking, breathing, maintaining body temperature or having good blood circulation, also depends on metabolism.

  • Teaching patience activities

    Teaching patience activities tips for children

    Teaching patience activities are not usually one of the main virtues of children. Their difficulty in orienting themselves in time, as well as the scarce development of the frontal lobes, make it difficult for them to delay gratifications. So, it is usual that they want everything immediately. However, that does not mean that we should not teach them to have patience, a value that will be very useful in life.

  • 4 Tips for skin care during the winter

    4 Tips for skin care during the winter

    4 Tips for skin care during the winter. Adverse weather conditions have a direct impact on our skin. It is well known that during the summer months we must take special precaution for our constant exposure to the sun. But this does not mean that we should neglect the care of the skin throughout the winter.

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    All About Olives

    You can’t think of Mediterranean cuisine without picturing olives. For Italians, the olive tree is almost holy. From ancient myth to modern plate, this fruit has a long and noble history. Olives come in a range of flavours, colours and methods of curing, making them the perfect addition to any antipasto. Here are some olive facts that might surprise you: History The olive tree is incredibly modest considering its almost legendary status. There is not much that seems special about the tree’s leaves, height, smell or width. However, for Italians and most other Mediterranean’s, the olive has long been a symbol of peace and endurance and known for creating feelings…