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    Engagement Customs from around the World

    Making a romantic marriage proposal is nerve-wracking enough but imagine having to factor in important cultural traditions at the same time. There are many different customs around the world relating to this most important of decisions, that affect the families of those involved and not just the couple. Here are some customs from around the globe that must be followed when you want to get engaged: China For couples wishing to tie the knot in Daur, China, they must first dissect the liver of a chick! If the liver is healthy they can go ahead and set a date for the nuptials. If they find an unhealthy liver, they must…

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    Remembering the First World War

    As we approach the centenary of the end of the First World War, it’s important to think about how we carry remembering those who gave their lives for our freedom. One of the most visual ways of showing our  , but where did this association originate? The ‘popaver rhoeas’ is a bright red poppy that has become a strong symbol in the remembrance of past conflicts. The flowers bloom naturally in even tough conditions throughout the fields of Western Europe. Incredibly, the immense destruction of the Napoleonic wars of the 19th century left barren land that suddenly became full of blood-red poppies. They were said to have sprouted around the…

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    The three unforgettable trips and moments of my traveling life

    This week, doing a bit of cleaning at home, I came across a photo album of my first trip to Egypt, and I was thrilled. Not for having found a similar relic (although it would not be a bad motive either). I was thrilled to turn the pages and find, in each photograph, a girl more smiling than in the previous one. Consider the age when you travel. In this article, I am going to tell my three unforgettable trips and moments.

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    Pregnancy Care

    How to identify your fertile days and get pregnant

    Identify your fertile days and get pregnant are associated. Knowing our menstrual cycle is the best way to achieve a baby or, in the opposite case, avoid pregnancy. You can only conceive on the fertile days of your menstrual cycle, which translates into before and during ovulation. The menstrual cycle in many women is regular, while in others it is irregular. Even so, it is made up of some phases or stages from which it is possible to specify which are your fertile days and get pregnant.

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    5 tricks you need to know for your nails art in an easy way

    In recent years, the theme of nails art design has gained importance. Trends have been imposed on how to paint them, how to give them, among others. It all started with the fashion of using each nail of different colors, nowadays wonders are created with the paintings. This has led to various techniques that create incredible results. Many women are used to painting their nails in a single color. This is not bad, but there are many ways to give your manicure a style of its own in an easy, simple and economical way.