• How to choose a crib
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    How to choose a crib for your baby? Style based

    If you are hoping for a baby, it is possible that choosing your crib is one of your concerns. We have prepared a selection of the most exciting market. A crib is essentially a bed that is designed specifically for the baby. The cribs are used for an average of 24 months. That said, the right time for your baby to move from a crib to a bed varies from baby to baby. Here, we advice How to choose a crib for your baby. 

  • DIY solar heater
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    How to build a DIY solar heater with soda cans?

    Are you thinking about how to heat your room while maintaining energy savings? Would you like to create a device that allows you to heat your stay without major expenses? Learn how to build a DIY solar heater with soda cans. It is usual that with the arrival of winter look for ways to avoid high energy consumption. In this case, we will show you how to make a solar heater with soda cans. Take note!

  • restore parquet flooring
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    How to restore parquet flooring without sanding

    If you want to recover the brightness of the first day of your wooden or parquet floor, follow our http://thinkforwrite.com/parquet-floors/simple tips to take care of the parquet floor. In 4 steps you will recover all the brightness and luminosity. With the passage of time and use, our wooden floor can lose its shine and look worn and lifeless. But, not only the use, the action of the sun or small bumps and scratches can deteriorate your wooden floor and give it an old and damaged appearance.

  • start terrace gardening
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    How to start terrace gardening? 20 design and styles

    Plants have always been an element with a power that goes beyond simple decoration. There are many benefits of plants in a home. So, it is normal that many homeowners with terraces or balconies, want to take advantage of these outdoor spaces to create a small or large garden in it. But to enjoy a garden on a balcony or terrace, you need previous inspiration, ideas, and advice. So that, everything goes well. Just what we bring in this article. Are you looking for how to make a garden on your terrace or balcony? Join me then.

  • Amazing Ornaments
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    15 Amazing Ornaments for Halloween

    One of the funniest things at this time is the decoration of your home and whether you buy your ornaments or do Halloween crafts,   the important thing is to look as original and terrifying as possible. Here we bring you these 15 amazing ornaments that will turn your house into a scary experience!

  • How To Choose Chairs And Armchairs In The Modern Living Room
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    How To Choose Chairs And Armchairs In The Modern Living Room

    In the living room, armchairs and chairs should be present in sufficient quantity to ensure the convenience of all guests during the visit, but not to overload the room when the owners of the house are alone. The question of choosing these two items is as important as the selection of other furniture in the modern living room, table, coffee table, dresser or slide. The chair is the most common element of furniture, in various quantities found in almost any home.