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    How to whiten teeth easily and naturally

    Activated charcoal is a highly absorbent substance. Eliminates toxins when they adhere to the surface of the coal. It is not absorbed by the body, but passes through the gastrointestinal system, so the chemicals and toxins adhere to it, pass through the body and are expelled by the digestive system. Activated charcoal is extremely effective in removing toxins from household chemicals, medications that are ingested, and other toxins from the body, especially when taken within 30 minutes of ingestion. For this reason, it is a great first treatment for any type of poisoning, but they should not be taken within several hours of the medications. It is externally effective as…

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    What Are The Potential Causes Of Toothaches?

    No one likes getting a toothache and you can mostly avoid this painful little inconveniences of life by maintaining good dental health. But there are some instances where discomfort can be come about due to certain potential causes that might be far beyond your control. That’s okay, a toothache doesn’t always mean you’ve been neglecting your oral hygiene, although you can pretty much guarantee you’ll experience some form of tooth pain if you have shown little dedication for brushing and flossing. Most of the time, a cavity is to blame but that isn’t always the main reason for a toothache. Here are some of the things that can cause you…

  • 6 tricks to keep your hair healthy and young

    6 tricks to keep your hair healthy and young

    6 tricks to keep your hair healthy and young. Over the years, hair not only becomes thinner and drier. But also tends to break more easily and to gray with embarrassing speed. So here are some ploy so your hair is always splendid shining! Over the years, hair not only becomes thinner and drier. But also tends to break more easily and to gray with embarrassing speed. But before you get depressed and fringe at the hairdresser (there’s nothing like a new cut. And a different color to immediately feel better), know that there is another way – indeed, there are six – to rejuvenate the hair. Here they are:

  • Choosing Sunscreen For Children

    Choosing Sunscreen For Children

    Despite the indisputable use of sunlight, heat and fresh air, one cannot completely discount the cunningness of the ultraviolet. The scorching rays of the sun can be very dangerous, especially for a growing body, because the children are not fully formed protective mechanisms, and therefore the risk of burns and inflammation of the skin is several times higher than in adults. That is why, when going on a beach holiday every thoughtful parent must take care of the availability of high-quality sunscreen for children. Suitable┬ácosmetic for the delicate skin of the skin – otherwise the risk to turn pleasant leisure into a real nightmare is great.

  • Intimate Life After A Heart Attack

    Intimate Life After A Heart Attack

    Intimate life after a heart attack. According to statistics, lately, not only the elderly but also middle-aged men in the prime of their lives are increasingly suffering from heart attack. It is quite natural that after an illness they often have to change their daily habits and give up some hobbies. For example, it is contraindicated for them to practice extreme sports, it is recommended to stop smoking, frequent visits to saunas and alcohol. In addition, the transferred heart attack makes changes in the intimate life of the couple.

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    Medicinal preparation of pumpkin and garlic to reduce cholesterol

    In addition to preparing this remedy with pumpkin and garlic, you can also take advantage of the properties of these ingredients to reduce cholesterol if you include them in your usual recipes. Of the substances that the body needs to function, cholesterol is one of the best known. It is a lipid that is found in our cells and that the body uses for different purposes, such as digesting food or producing vitamins and hormones. However, sometimes we must reduce cholesterol because its level rises and this is not healthy. As part of the components of the human body, cholesterol is also present in foods of animal origin, such as…

  • panic attacks

    Causes of panic attacks

    The panic attacks or panic attacks are psychological symptoms that are categorized within the so-called anxiety disorders. These are reactions of fear or intense discomfort that occur unexpectedly (although in some cases can be expected) and unpredictable in certain situations or stimuli.

  • reducing hair loss after pregnancy
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    Tips for reducing hair loss after pregnancy

    The loss of hair is moderately normal. The hair is born, grows and dies and is replaced by a new hair to take its place. There are times that after these three stages, there is a new hair to replace the previous one, causing a progressive and even visible in some cases, loss of hair. The hair loss after pregnancy is common and is caused by hormonal changes that occur during this stage. Vitamins taken during pregnancy, allow the hair is in good condition, however, after this period and as a result of hormonal changes that occur, the hair is weakened, take 1 to 3 months until their condition becomes…