• 4 tips to protect your long hair in a sport

    4 tips to protect your long hair in a sport

    4 tips to protect your long hair in a sport. Those women who love their long hair, often face some damage caused by different factors. Training every day, sometimes the hair care routine is difficult. If you’re thinking about cutting it for comfort, but it hurts in your soul to do it, hold on a bit! You are in time to save her.

  • 5 delicious low-calorie desserts
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    5 delicious low-calorie desserts

    5 delicious low-calorie desserts. Desserts are something optional in our healthy meals, but nobody really bitters a sweet. When we immerse ourselves in a process of weight loss, there are people who think that they have to stop eating what they like most; and that causes loss of motivation and mental suffering. To avoid stagnation in weight loss, it would be good to introduce healthy and low-calorie recipes of our favorite desserts.

  •  How to make Banana pancakes

     How to make Banana pancakes

    How to make Banana Pancakes. Do you think sweet breakfast is not compatible with eating well? I’m here to prove you’re wrong. Eating healthy has many positive things, but mainly teaches you the amount of food that exists and the infinity of dishes that can be made. Do you dream of getting up and preparing pancakes? So, I recommend you do not miss this version with banana.

  • Strawberry protein mousse

    Strawberry protein mousse

    Strawberry protein mousse. Neither sweets are forbidden in a healthy diet, nor does everything have to be chocolate. One of the biggest advantages of a varied diet is that we can use some fruits to make desserts or delicious snacks. In this case, today’s recipe will discover a healthy way to prepare a protein mousse of strawberries and whipped cheese. I am aware of how boring it is to have fresh cheese whipped with nothing to accompany it, so to make it much tastier, we will bet on the strawberries.

  • 7 natural remedies for pimples

    7 natural remedies for pimples

    8 natural remedies for pimples. Are you looking for homemade remedies to defeat the pimples? Here you are 8 really effective solutions and all natural, excellent against the pimples, easy to prepare and very cheap! The natural remedies for pimples, especially homemade ones, can help us win the eternal fight against acne. Who has not happened, due to stress or for some food stench, to find yourself with a beautiful pimple on the face, maybe before an appointment or an important occasion? Do not panic! You do not need to run straight to the pharmacy or smear your face with toothpaste (an old myth to debunk !): With the natural…

  • benefits of reading

    The 12 benefits of reading (demonstrated by science)

    The habit of reading should be incorporated by all, and that is that it gives us benefits on many levels. The are many benefits of reading. Reading is an activity that should be part of our day today. Science has been responsible for accumulating data that demonstrate what we already know: reading is good for us. Anyway, some of the benefits of reading and that are demonstrated by science may surprise us.

  • Avocado hummus: a variant of the original recipe

    Avocado hummus: a variant of the original recipe

    Avocado hummus: a variant of the original recipe with chickpeas, cumin and chili pepper, perfect with pasta or couscous. It is also excellent to enrich hard-boiled eggs, taste it with vegetables and as a condiment for falafel. Once ready, the green hummus is kept in the refrigerator for about two days.

  • Is it possible to activate the metabolism?

    Is it possible to activate the metabolism?

    Is it possible to activate the metabolism? There are numerous myths about metabolism, but few people are able to say what it really is and what function it has in our body. Metabolism is a process that the body uses to produce and expend energy from food. Basic functions such as thinking, breathing, maintaining body temperature or having good blood circulation, also depends on metabolism.

  • 4 Tips for skin care during the winter

    4 Tips for skin care during the winter

    4 Tips for skin care during the winter. Adverse weather conditions have a direct impact on our skin. It is well known that during the summer months we must take special precaution for our constant exposure to the sun. But this does not mean that we should neglect the care of the skin throughout the winter.